Positive Detective_Parkmore

Parkmore Primary School, Victoria

Lela McGregor

We have trialled Positive Detective in Year 3 and 4 this year. We have been so impressed by the enthusiastic response from staff, students and parents we will implement Positive Detective across the whole school.

Highlights from our trial include:

  • Maddie (Grade 3) was excited to share how Positive Detective broadened her perspective from focussing mostly on positives related directly to herself, to positives that were happening around her- even beyond her friendship group and year level.
  • Gratitude letters written by the Year 3 students had a significant effect (not least on their teacher!) , with students’ most eloquently articulating heartfelt messages – including a boy recently arrived from a war-torn country expressing his thanks for his new home and school
  • Teachers on yard duty  encouraged by children ‘sharing the good’ with them (positive actions during play such as sharing, taking turns or helping). This shift redresses the (often experienced) imbalance with students (motivated by the need to be acknowledged) only telling the teacher when they see negative behaviours. An important caveat; this is not about ‘turning a blind eye’ to anti-social behaviours, rather identifying when the child’s motivation is the need for attention and fulfilling this need can also be more healthily achieved through a more positive focus

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Prof Lea Waters with Saraid Saraid Doherty –  Principal of Parkmore Primary School