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Annesley Junior School, South Australia

Lela McGregor

Annesley Junior School implemented Positive Detective this year and we would like to share 3 Good Things we experienced.


  1. Children are engaged and looking for good to tell sherlock. The toy dog and his magnifying glass are such a hit with reception children.
  2. Children have a deep understanding of how doing good to others makes them feel good and grows their happiness.
  3. Children showing gratitude by bringing in items from home they are grateful for. The gratitude table is covered in photos, drawings, nature! They are finding reasons to be grateful everywhere



  1. As a teacher, I feel as I am modelling kindness and showing gratitude more explictily than i have ever done before. Connecting with families and asking them to help their children be positive detectives and to look for good has also been brilliant. I feel I have become more grateful for the little things just by being more aware of how effortless it is to be grateful.
  2. The core teaching in the program will be ongoing once the program is complete. It feels wonderful to be able to set these young children up with the skills to be great friends to others, but also to themselves.
  3. I have developed a greater understanding of the importance of wellbeing as a part of the curriculum to enchance children’s learning. All schools should implement this amazing program!

Sarah Walsh, Teacher

Annesley Junior School